• They can, but they are not necessary and may cause some harm.
  • Experts say that washing your hands with regular soap and water is one of the best ways to keep from getting sick.
  • For antibacterial soaps to do a better job, they must stay on the skin for at least two minutes (doctors pay attention) before rinsing.  (For the rest of us note:)  Most bacteria on the skin are helpful, and they compete with the (“bad”) germs.
  •  It is possible that using antibacterial soaps (actually) may help some harmful bacteria get stronger by clearing away the weaker competitors !!!”
  • This has been well documented in agriculture also.
  • If the soil is sterilized before planting, what we find happening is that the very organisms that we were hoping to eliminate come into dominance.
  • Without the competing influences from our friendly germs the “bad guys” quickly take over and crop production is less than that achieved without sterilization.