Story of a Prisoner who healed his Hepatitis C with 6 Healing Sounds which he learnt  from another Prisoner

In December of 2006, I was incarcerated in the State of Delaware following the nasty side effects of a prescribedmedication. This medication was called interferon, and was prescribed in the treatment of Hepatitis C virus. To make a longstory short, I suffered extreme neuro-psychiatric side effects from the medication, which triggered relapse of what I thoughtwas a buried addiction to heroin.In any event, when I got to prison I was in a miserable condition. Suffering weight loss, swelling in the abdomen, andspiral numbers of blood screens, I assumed that my prison sentence would likely not be survived because of theprogression of my illness.Fortunately for me I have always been closely associated with a gentleman by the name of Amir Fatir who began toinstruct me on the Tao, including the Six Healing sounds. After several half hearted attempts to practice the Six Healingsounds, I eventually began to perform the exercises in earnest on a daily basis. After only six (6) months my viral loaddropped from 7 million parts per milliliter of blood to 4 million. In another 3 months I saw my viral load go down to 750,000.In July, my numbers have reduced to 0.I have become a practitioner of the energy work taught by the Tao, and other meta-physical practices. I am overwhelmedthat my health and fitness level is excellent.