Egg treatment for hair regrowth treatment

If you want to increase the hair volume and its length you must follow this tip. Use egg as a mask to the hair. Though it gives an odd smell but the proteins in egg strengthen the hair. Just beat the egg white and yellow and apply this mixture to the wet hair as a pack. Leave the hair for 10 minutes and wash it with warm water and a mild shampoo. By doing like this twice in a week you can observe the best results.

De-Stress to reduce hair loss

Stress is one the major reasons for hair fall. When you are stressed out it leads to hair graying, thinning and hair fall.  Follow some stress release procedures like regular exercises, eating the right food, participating in yoga and other stress release programs, they help you to de-stress and also help  you control your hair fall.

Follow all these tips and control your hair fall problem and get your thick, shiny and beautiful hair back and regain your confidence back. Now it’s easy to grow your hair volume naturally.