Good nutrition is one of the key determinants of good health.  An intake of all the nutrients in the correct quantity and proportions is essential for maintaining normal body functions.  Of the five main nutrient groups essential to health, protein is indispensable to metabolism.  The quality of protein is determined by the quantity of 9 essential amino acids.  Generally speaking, animal protein is superior to plant protein, as the composition of essential amino acids in the latter category is relatively incomplete.  Cereals are deficient in lysine and pulses/legumes have inadequate methionine.  However the quality of these food stuffs can be improved, if we can supplement the missing amino acids with soy protein.

Soy protein has been specially formulated to provide you a food based protein supplement which fits your lifestyle & food habits.  Unlike other protein supplements protein powder can be mixed with food items of daily consumption, such as breads, curries, dals, vegetables, snacks, fruit juice etc.  It improves the nutritive value of these foods without altering the taste.


Timely replenishment of Protein is the best formula for staying healthy.  But the quality and balance of intake of high quality protein is often more important than the replenishing process.  Our body needs complete nutrition, and high quality protein can help to avoid build-up of excessive fat and cholesterol.


Protein plays an important part in metabolism.  Our body functions are vitalised by protein, which performs the following functions:

*     maintains life functions, builds and repairs tissues.

*     90% of skin and hair is made of protein substances.  A lack of protein will result in split ends and broken hair, and will cause the skin to age and wrinkle.

*     The human enzyme system relies on protein.  Enzymes help to turn the food we eat into energy.

*     Protein is also an essential ingredient in forming antibodies, which protect the body against infection.

*     Hormones secreted by glands in the human body give vitality to body organs.  The formation of hormones requires protein.

*     Provides heat energy.


Soy protein is made up of 4 ingredients:  Soy protein isolate, lactalbumin, dry whey and lecithin.  The main functions and sources for these 4 ingredients are as follows:


The protein contained in soy protein isolate is almost as high quality as amino acids contained in animal protein.  It’s main source is from soyabeans.


Lactalbumin is the best protein among milk proteins.  It contains a high level of methionine, which is an amino acid contained only in small quantities in soyabeans.  Soy protein contains an adequate amount of methionine, and this is what makes it stand out among other plant proteins made entirely from soyabeans.


Although whey does not contain a lot of protein, it provides high quality methionine.  Milk is the major source of supply for whey.


Soy Protein contains a small amount of lecithin, making it easier to dissolve.  The main source of lecithin is from soyabeans.


*     It has high nutrition value.  Its “Protein efficiency ratio” is 2.5 or higher.  This confirms to standard requirements in the US for high quality protein.

*     It is made from 4 important natural ingredients :  Soyprotein isolate, lactalbumin, whey and lecithin.

*     Compared to milk or meat protein, Soy protein contains very low levels of fat and cholesterol.’

*     It does not contain gluten.

*     It does not contain artificial fragrances, sugar and colouring.

*     You can take it in a variety of ways :  mixed with milk or butter milk, juice, or sprinkled on various types of food.  It does not affect the taste of food when added during cooking.  Taking Soy Protein is the best way to make up for daily deficiencies of protein in our diet.

*     It is affordable.  On the basis of 9.5 gram for each serving (or the quantity of one scoop as provided inside the can), you can make approximately 48 servings from one can.

*     Considering its taste, purity, and mino acid contents, Soy Protein will always be your best choice!