The VIBRATIONAL ENERGY MEDICINE is an alternative system of medicine & is believed to be the medicine of the future.


 There are as many as 1000 different remedies for various illnesses or DIS – EASES or imbalances of the mind & the body organs.

 These vibrations can heal & cure at 3 different levels: PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL IMBALANCES.


  •  Treats at the root level, at the very subtle level of vibrations within the human body.

  •  'ZERO' side effects.

  • The pills contain only subtle vibrations & no medicine as such & hence no side effects are there

  • It retards recurrence of the problem.

  • Strengthens immune system.

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Can be had along with any conventional allopathic medicine.  Please do consult if you're having any other form of treatment.

  •  Avoid coffee. (At least during the course of taking these pills)


  1. Just 5-7 pills at a time would suffice, keep it under the tongue & do META CLEANSING CHANT & avoid food 20 minutes before & after taking the pill.  Intake of Water is fine.  If you're having more than 1 remedy, give a gap of 10 minutes between the two of them.

  2.  Avoid touching the pill & don't expose them to sunlight.

  3. Keep the plastic bottle at least 3 – 4 feet away from electric or electronic gadgets like Computer, TV, Fridge, Mobile phone etc… Their radiations would affect & reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

  4. Drink plenty of water.

  5. Eat when you're hungry & eat in moderation or avoid as much as possible especially when it comes to items prepared from Maida.  Also avoid Fatty foods & junk food & be moderate with sugar & salt.

 Above all, just PRAY.  Finally it's neither the medicine nor the giver who cures…It's only GOD/ Universe heals through them.

To choose Vibronics to You, Whatsapp 9966641024  or mail to qupro4all@gmail.com


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